this girl dropped her pencil so she stopped taking notes for the entire class period holy shit

honestly this video is the fucking funniest thing ever still

they are absolutely too much for my soul
they are absolutely too much for my soul

i think when I tell people I listen to one direction they think of me a lot less as person then they did before

so I convinced my mom to take me to starbucks and as soon as I got home I spilled it all over my legs wow

my favorite thing is to google questions about suicide on yahoo answers and read the answers that are just like “god loves u!!!!!! don’t kill yourself!! things get better I promise!!!”

S2E8 Take the Money and Run



my blood is probably not even blood cells it’s probably folie a deux lyrics

You get punched in the face and 20 Dollar Nose Bleed starts playing

all I want right now is a friend and starbucks

If cultural appropriation is really what tumblr thought it was.


You wouldn’t be allowed to wear mjolnir, have jewelry depicting pentagrams, wear ankhs, eat hamburgers, eat steak, eat corn or maize, eat Chinese, eat Indian food, or have a house with a lawn.

Cultural Appropriation is taking a culture and using it to degrade it. It isn’t eating food or wearing symbols though you should be respectful if you are wearing a religious symbol.